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Audio Station is a specialty store buying and selling used audio equipment,especially vintage products or high-end models which include not only those made in Japan but also overseas.

We help you enjoy your music-life through audio equipment.

We deal in a variety of used audio equipment such as speakers,turntables,amplifiers,receievers etc.Each item is always kept in good condition through repair and adjustment.We will help you find the most compatible one for your audio system.

Our professional staff members are in charge of assessing the accurate value of goods and suggest appropriate prices to satisfy customers.

We are selling in the Yahoo auction for convenience.
If you contact us directly, you will be able to buy goods without auction.

Yahoo! Auction

We have as many stocks as that of Yahoo auction and have not posted them in this site yet.
If you can notify us of the product that you are looking for(manufacturer and model number),it might be possible for us to find what you want right away.
Please contact us.

HP sells mainly analog audio parts.

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